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Create and replace the vCloud director with self-signed certificates

vCloud director looks for 2 certificates within the configured keystore. One for http and the other is consoleproxy.

The below keytool create commands create a keystore with the certificate for specified alias, keystore type, keystore name, keystore password, validity, Org information and SAN field details.

Keytool location

Step 0 : cd /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/jre/bin

Step 1 : Command to create certificate for http : 

./keytool -keystore /opt/vmware/certificates.ks -alias http -storepass passwd -keypass passwd -storetype JCEKS -genkeypair -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 730 -dname "CN=vcd91.vCloud.local, OU=GSS, O=VMware, L=Bengaluru, S=Karnataka, C=IN" -ext "san=dns:vcd91.vCenter.local,dns:vcd91,ip:"

Here the command creates the keystore named certificates.ks in the /opt/vmware directory The alias is http Validity of 2 years password is passwd 

Step 2 : Command to create certificate for consoleproxy : 

./keytool …

vRA 7.x - How to submit request with custom machine hostname

This is quite simple actually. I thought I had to do a lot of things to get this done but NOOO. We have a custom property named 'Hostname' which we can use to achieve this.

Add the 'Hostname' custom property to the blueprint with 'Show in Request' ticked which will allow you to input the hostname during request. Pretty simple !!

So below is my simple blueprint deploying a windows machine. The customization spec named 'WindowsServ' will make sure the VM is added to the domain with the Virtual machine name.

The request form will look like this 

Hurray! there you go .. the virtual machine with the name you requested for

Hope this helps:) 

Unable to change Provider VDC virtual hardware support beyond version 10

My environment:

vCloud Director and ESXi 6.5.0.

This could happen regardless of what vCloud director and ESXi version you are on.

Provider VDC config: 

ESXi Version : 

So ideally I should be able to see the hardware version 13 in the vCloud director but I see only till version 10

Why does this happen : 

It’s most likely a user error depending on how vCenter is set up and what vCenter has reported to VCD as far as available HW versions

How to fix ? 

From vCenter FLEX UI, go to Datacenter, right click and select 'Edit Default VM Compatibility' and there select 'ESX 6.5 and later' (This config depends on your environment)
Then go to the cluster and right click and select 'Edit Default VM Compatibility' and there the value selected would be 'Use datacenter setting and host version'. This setting would take it from datacenter setting done above.

From the vCloud director , perform and refresh of the vCenter and try to create the Provider VDC and check the…