Unable to create/deploy VM in one vApp - NullPointerException


  • Unable to deploy a VM in only one vApp 
  • It didn't matter which template I use.
  • The same template works fine in another vApp in the same OrgVDC 

The error NullPointerException is quite generic with vCloud director and this is mostly due to a stale/invalid entry in the vCloud director database. 


The vCloud-container-debug.log failed with the below

             at com.vmware.vcloud.common.validate.impl.VmLimitsValidatorImpl.validateVmDisks(VmLimitsValidatorImpl.java:159)

After checking a bit more in the logs just above the error, I found that vCD was unable to query a VM storage information. 

In my case, it was 'IncomeOnline-Rock_DeleteOn' with moref  vm-3055.  The vm did not exist in my vCenter and was part of the same vApp in vCD where I have deployment (VM creation) issue. 

Fix  : 

Deleted the VM named 'IncomeOnline-Rock_DeleteOn' from vCD and this resolved the deployment issue. 

Hope this helps :) 


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