VM console fails to connect - vCloud director 9.7

I deployed a new vCloud director 9.7 and the VM console fails to connect even though the certificates and URLs are updated correctly in Public Addresses.

The chrome browser console (ctrl+shift+j) fails like below : 

failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

After reading the VMware documentation which says "For an installation with a single IP address, you can customize the console proxy address from the vCloud Director Web Console. For example, for the vCloud Director appliance, you must customize the console proxy address to vcloud.example.com:8443"

From vCloud director 9.7, the second network (eth1) is dedicated to vpostgres database and console proxy uses (eth0) with a custom port 8443


Update the console proxy address with custom port 8443 under vCD portal --> Administrator --> Public addresses


Thanks for reading. Hope it helps :) 


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