How to collect logs from vCloud director ?

vCloud director does not have an GUI way of exporting the support bundle as of now

To collect the vCloud Director support bundle, establish an SSH connection to one of the vCloud Director VMs and run the following command:


Above command collects only log bundle for single cell by default)

Usage: vmware-vcd-support [OPTIONS]

  -d,       --dbdump           Collects DataBase dump.

  -l,       --log              Collects logs on single cell (default)
                               or multiple cells (with --multicell)

  -a,       --all              Collects all data bundles for single cell.
                               If used with --multicell option then it collects
                               all data bundles from multiple distributed cells.

  -m,       --multicell        If used with --all option, collects all data bundles
                               from multiple cells. If used with --log then
                               collects only log bundles from multiple
                               distributed cells.

  -c,       --clean            Cleans vcd vmware support data from cell.

  -h,       --help             Display this help text.

Lets say, you need the support bundle (log only) from all the cells in the server group

/opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/vmware-vcd-support -m -l 


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