vApp missing from vCloud director HTML5 UI

Symptoms :

  • Unable to see the vApp on the HTML5 UI 
  • The vApp is seen on vCloud director Flex UI 


-  This happens if the VM was created as a standalone VM from the HTML5 UI.  
- Since there has been no improvement done recently on the Flex UI, the old UI does not have a view  to display standalone VMs seperately. Hence the standalone VMs are displayed in the vApp

Fix :

Run the below statements for the list the

vcloud=# select vapp_id from vapp_vm where name like '%stdalone%';

-[ RECORD 1 ]---------------------------------
vapp_id | b1c58135-7c93-43ac-a7d2-c8412fc74c98

vcloud=# select * from vm_container where sg_id = 'b1c58135-7c93-43ac-a7d2-c8412fc74c98';
-[ RECORD 1 ]-------------+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
sg_id                     | b1c58135-7c93-43ac-a7d2-c8412fc74c98
name                      | stdalone-04ad56d5-2a60-4a06-a750-f3e371d3284b
descr                     | This vApp is created automatically on behalf of the user.
user_id                   | e6948fd7-0780-4072-b9fa-ee708c5c68d7
sg_type                   | 1
shared_count              | 0
is_enabled                | t
date_created              | 2019-12-18 03:36:45.073
honor_boot_order          | f
vmfolder_moref            | group-v91
vmfolder_vc_id            | e26a3352-7010-494b-a9d9-728672076a04
auto_undeploy_ticks       | 6048000000000
auto_undeploy_date        |
auto_delete_ticks         | 25920000000000
auto_delete_date          | 2020-01-17 03:37:04.241
is_auto_undeploy_notified | f
is_auto_delete_notified   | f
org_id                    | 24e9554d-a6d6-49f1-8fbd-970ba965834d
org_vdc_id                | e68671bc-98b1-4abc-ac17-72bde4ca86ef
is_gold_master            | f
fence_must_be             |
version_number            | 4
creation_status           | RESOLVED
transfer_session_id       |
is_manifest_required      | f
uniquename                | 24e9554d-a6d6-49f1-8fbd-970ba965834d|stdalone-04ad56d5-2a60-4a06-a750-f3e371d3284b
customize_on_instantiate  | f
is_deployed               | f
in_maintenance_mode       | f
auto_nature               | t

- The auto_nature is the column which distinguishes the vApp VM to Standalone VM 

- Run the below statement to display the vApp in the HTML UI. 

vcloud=# update vm_container set auto_nature = 'f' where sg_id = 'b1c58135-7c93-43ac-a7d2-c8412fc74c98';

The vApp is now getting listed under vApps 

Hope this helps 😊


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