vCloud director 10 - Prerequisites & Deployment

This blog is talks about the way to deploy vCloud director 10.x appliance without zero errors in first attempt. 

There are just 3 requirements which is mandatory for error free deployment. 

Only prerequisites

1. Dedicate 2 IP addresses (eth0 & eth1)
- Eth0 is for the HTTPS and Console proxy. Yes, both HTTPS & Console Proxy uses same interface. The console proxy uses a custom port 8443.
- Eth1 is dedicated for postgres database connection only

2. Add DNS entries for the IP addresses (Forward and Reverse DNS lookup)
- Reverse DNS lookup entry is a must
- If you have noticed vCD appliance taking PhotosOS as the hostname, it is because the reverse DNS entry does not exist.

3. Prepare the NFS server
i.Create a NFS folder with full read & write permissions.
ii.The format to use is  NFS_Server_name:/Directory_name (ex : nfs.wecloud.lab:/vCD97rpr ) 
iii.Make sure the directory contains no old deployment entries. Its better clean up the directory before using it.

Deployment : 

Primary - When deploying primary cell
Standby - When adding secondary cells to the server group/ cluster
vCD Cell application - If you only need a vCD cell application with no Postgres in the cluster.

As per the deployment guide, it is recommended to have the interfaces on 2 different networks. This is to avoid routing conflicts within the appliance.

Since this is just for lab testing purpose, I am going with the same network portgroup. This actually works fine for me.

You have need to make sure the database health is OK. Connect to the VCD URL over port 5480

https://vcd_fqdn:5480 or https://vcd_eth1_ip:5480 and login using root credentials 

Hope this helps :) 


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